S.E.A.R. (South-East Asian Relief) was founded by a Viet-Nam vet, known as "Mr. Rex", in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a soldier during the war, he developed a love for the street and farm children who saved his life on numerous occasions. It is an inter-denominational Christian social service/relief mission, serving Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees new to America.

S.E.A.R. in the past sponsored many of these families into the Tampa Bay area, working with many different churches, helping resettle refugee families coming from war and poverty. Prior to 1975, Mr. Rex, (SEAR Director) worked in Viet-Nam, then later in refugee camps in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand in cooperation with such organizations as World Relief Commission, Youth With a Mission, and Christian Revival Church.

Since Mr. Rex has a Masters Degree in Social Work in Juvenile Corrections, from the University of Iowa,the goal has always been to help children, youth and especially unaccompanied minors. This work was done from 1972 - 1992 within the camps and the U.S. Since 1993, he has been allowed to re-enter Viet-Nam..

Today S.E.A.R. still works with S.E. Asian families locally in St. Petersburg and also has a growing full time ministry among children and youth in Viet-Nam. (see pages on each of these areas of mission). S.E.A.R. is licensed as an N.G.O. (Non Governmental Organization) by the government in Viet-Nam.